UNINETT AS is the parent company of the UNINETT Group, and  develops and operates the Norwegian national research and education network. This is a high-capacity computer network interconnecting about 200 Norwegian educational and research institutions and more than 300 000 users, as well as giving them access to international research networks. UNINETT is owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. We are a neutral party, and the business is run non-profit.

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The company supplies a range of services connected with the research network, among other things in the fields of identity management, purchasing co-operation, mobility, network management and security. UNINETT carries on innovation and development work in its technical fields and is involved in a wide range of activities internationally.

Board of Directors:

  • Frank Arntsen, chairman
  • Pål Dietrichs, board member
  • Cecilie Ohm, board member
  • Steen Pedersen, board member
  • Benedicte Rustad, board member
  • Seunn Smith-Tønnesen, board member
  • Morten Knutsen, employee elected board member
  • Kai Mjosund, Forskningsrådet, deputy board meber
  • Lars Kviteng, employee elected deputy board member