Uninett er kunnskaps-Norges IKT-infrastrukturselskap

About Uninett

Uninett is the knowledge sector’s ICT infrastructure company in Norway. We develop and manage the digital foundation for research and education in Norway.

This foundation consists, among other things, of the National Research and Education Network — NREN — a powerful and secure national network that also connects users in the knowledge sector with international research networks.

Uninett is also the supplier of the national login solution Feide, wireless network access via eduroam, as well as a number of cybersecurity services and digital campus solutions. Our services are in use by several hundred thousand people in the knowledge sector every single day.

Uninett is a state-run corporation; as an infrastructure company, it is also a strategic and advisory partner in the digitalization of the Norwegian knowledge sector.

Uninett has one subsidiary: Uninett Sigma2 . We have offices in Teknobyen, in the Trondheim city centre.


Uninett - the digital foundation for education and research

Uninett was established in 1993 and has since then built the digital foundation that enables world-leading research and education in Norway. Important building blocks in the foundation wall are the research network, Feide and cyber security.