Please encrypt any sensitive information with the Uninett CERT team key. The current key can be found here.

For communication not related to incidents, please use cert-info@uninett.no

Mail address

Uninett CERT / Post box 4769 Torgard / NO-7465 Trondheim / Norway


Phone +47 73 55 79 00

Critical errors can be reported 24/7. During non-office hours: Call +47 73 55 79 00 and press 1.

Opening hours:

Our host organisation is Uninett, the Norwegian national research and education network (NREN), funded by Unit – Directorate for ICT and joint services in higher education and research.

Our constituency comprises the Uninett member organizations and their networksList of member incident response teams that have established TLP agreements with Uninett CERT.

Information about our IPv4 and IPv6 address space is available from RIPE NCC in the form of  announced routes.