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PS! This service has been transferred from Uninett to the Government Agency for ICT Services in Research & Education

PS! This service is no longer provided by Uninett. Please contact the Unit directorate - The Digital Exam Service manages the shared framework agreements for digital exam systems in Norway, and acts as a link between the suppliers and the customers.
Target group: 

Norwegian universities and university collages that hold the rights to the framework agreements associated with Digital exam.


All institutions subject to the Public Procurement Act that want to use this service must have participated in the joint procurement of Digital exam in 2016 in order to use the service. Private institutions may contact the Uninett-directorate in order to participate

Description of the service: 

In the autumn of 2016, the framework agreement for Digital exam was signed. Institutions that are licensed can choose to sign a contract with one of the three suppliers for the agreement: UniWise, Inspera or Enovate. A subscription to the service Digital exam is triggered automatically when an institution enters into an agreement with one of the suppliers.

The purpose of the service is to coordinate the institutions that use the agreement in such a way that they get the most out of the investment. To make sure this happens, the Unit directorate is creating a national arena knowledge sharing through collaboration. The service will also manage the contact with the suppliers of the agreement and ensure that the Norwegian sector of higher education is represented. To use the service, the institution must be a principal to the framework agreement.


All participating institutions receive a yearly invoice based on the current model of payment.      

A subscription starts automatically when an institution enter into a contract with one of the suppliers on the framework agreement. 

Organization of the service: 

The advisory board for education governs the service. 


Not relevant for this service.


User support is free and is handled directly by the vendors.

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