Digital assessment leap: Norwegian research and higher education sector concludes on three ICT systems

By concluding this procurement process, the Norwegian universities and colleges have taken their digital assessment processes a big step forward. Many institutions, particularly those who have done active pilot testing these last few semesters, can now start using the chosen ICT systems shortly, says UNINETT's project manager Alice Sporstøl.

Sporstøl continues: - We are looking forward to working closely together with the vendors, which are all Scandinavian, interestingly enough. Our joint efforts to establish a nation-wide best practice for digital assessment will indeed continue. Task force groups will be established when needed, and upcoming seminars will facilitate further discussion and sharing of ideas.

Three vendors
The Nordic countries stand out as fairly advanced in terms of digital assessment at the moment, and all three vendors are Scandinavian. To learn more about their solutions/systems, please follow the links below:

Students have long called for digital assessment as a standardized part of their education. Now that the preferred vendors of ICT systems have been chosen, the institutions expect a rise in the number of digital exams, as well as stronger capacity in terms of dedicated rooms, physical resources and faculty.

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