Finance management system – UBW (Agresso)

PS! This service has been transferred from UNINETT to the Government Agency for ICT Services in Research & Education

The finance management system UBW/Agresso was procured by the Ministry of Education and Research and is supplied by UNINETT through a solution providing the customer with around-the-clock access to an operational finance management and accounting system. This high-quality system is very flexible, and can easily be tailored to work with a public finance management strategy and reporting requirements laid down by the Ministry of Education and Research and other public agencies. The individual customer has ownership of and responsibility for entering accounting data and all other relevant information into the system. 
Target group: 

The UBW/Agresso finance management system is supplied by UNINETT, and the solution is tailored to the needs of all state universities and university colleges in Norway. This service was originally established for small and medium-sized institutions, but 20 universities and university colleges are currently affiliated with the solution.  It is also possible for UNINETT’s other customers to connect to the existing solution. As the original license was procured by the Ministry of Education and Research for a specific number of institutions, other customers would normally have to purchase an UBW/Agresso license to take part.    


This service is offered through an operating solution for the UBW/Agresso software. UBW/Agresso was procured by the Ministry of Education and Research through a joint, public procurement process for all participating universities and university colleges.

One condition for use is that the institution must either be on the list of customers or purchase a license on its own. A preliminary project for reprocurement has been launched. In addition, the following conditions apply: The institution must

•     have UNINETT as its Internet service provider (be connected to the research and education network)

•     have an internal accounting department

Description of the service: 

The finance management system and available functions are adjusted to the needs of universities and university colleges through continual consultation and customer influences. The finance management system is furthermore well integrated with other finance management and administration systems supplied by UNINETT.

This service is tailored to work with the sector’s primary requirements for ICT architecture and security, and the system is more or less closely integrated with the following services:

•    Purchase and invoice system

•    Payroll/HR system

•    Project management tools

•    Joint study administration system.

Agresso comprises a variety of integrated modules available in the fields of finance management and accounting.

UNINETT’s service provides the customer with:

•    Joint log-on to Agresso and access to operating information through a dedicated portal

•    Installation, upgrading and maintenance of the UBW software

•    Operation of service hardware and necessary basic software

•    Data backup

•    Performance monitoring

•    Application operation for Agresso as a system

•    The opportunity to create customer-specific interfaces with other pre and post systems

•    The opportunity to procure customer-specific additional modules for Agresso outside of the standard license procured by the Ministry

•    Customer support

•    Consulting

•    Courses, workshops and general competence development provided either directly from UNINETT or through external consultants

•    User forums and other meeting grounds for the customer’s end users <SUHS conference>

•    The opportunity to influence which aspects of the service are emphasized through user-oriented prioritization councils and executive committees  

•    Regular extraction of data for the Office of the Auditor General


UNINETT’s annual service fee covers all costs associated with the maintenance, operation and user support of the finance management system. This fee also covers the hourly rates of UNINETT employees carrying out work associated with the service. New customers must pay a lump-sum amount in start-up costs.

Additional modules, should any institution wish to procure them, may be procured directly under the framework agreement with Evry. Participating institutions are invoiced annually on a joint invoice from UNINETT in accordance with the board-approved payment model.

Organization of the service: 

The service is regulated by a specific set of agreements. UNINETT has taken on the role of customer coordinator by managing these agreements.

A prioritization council sanctioned by the Ministry of Education and Research comprises financial executives from participating institutions and make final decisions that affect customer prioritizations and the management of the service. This council consults with an executive committee comprising accounting executives and active users of the system.

UNINETT has also taken on the role of responsible operations service provider, with the ICT departments at Oslo and Tromsø as subsuppliers of technical operations.

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