GÉANT - The European Research Network Collaboration

Europe's NRENs collaborate through GÈANT. 

GÈANT consists of GÈANT Association, owned by its members - the European NRENs, and GÈANT Ltd., owned by the Association.  This organization was created in 2014 when the European NREN association TERENA changed its name to GÈANT Association, and aquired its member's shares in DANTE Ltd. which was renamed GÈANT Ltd. in 2015.

The collaboration among the NRENs is organized through various task forces and interest groups, with UNINETT as an active participant.

The GÈANT project

The GÉANT Project is a European success story. For nearly 15 years, through the joined forces of national research and education networking (NREN) organisations, it has been a vital element of Europe’s e-infrastructure strategy. Through the project, the GÉANT network has provided the high-speed connectivity needed to share, access and process massive volumes of data: data which is generated by, and essential to diverse research and education communities working in areas such as particle physics, bioinformatics, earth observation, drug discovery, and arts and culture.

UNINETT is an active participant in the project, within activities like clouds, measurements, identity and webRTC.