Globally Connecting Science, Research & Education

The GNA initiative is defining a reference architecture and creating a roadmap for both national and regional research and education networks to more seamlessly support research on an end-to-end basis. Ultimately, this effort will establish a more capable, predictable and resilient next-generation global interconnection for research and education.

A vision of  global collaboration

GNA embodies a vision and an ambition of a global collaboration of national research and education (R&E) networks from all continents of the world. The vision of the Global Network Architecture is “Globally Connecting Science, Research & Education - Assuring that bandwidth and services in support of research and education between continents is equivalent to that within continents”. The collaboration on the global architecture will also enable R&E Networks to align their spending for intercontinental bandwidth.

For a quick introduction to the GNA, please have a look at this whiteboard video.

By connecting to UNINETT, Norwegian universities not only can exchange traffic among themselves, but through the connections of UNINETT with NORDUnet they are also connected to Nordic R&E networks, and to (users of) R&E Networks worldwide in an ever-increasing efficient way thanks to the efforts in GNA.

More information on the Global Network Architecture: