UNINETT’s grants from the Ministry of Education and Research

Below is an excerpt from a letter from the Ministry of Education and Research, explaining the annual grant to UNINETT for the operation and development of the research and education network.


"…The grant is issued to UNINETT AS and must not be transferred to subsidiaries. The primary target groups for UNINETT AS’ activities are universities, university colleges and research institutions. The company must offer its services to other institutions and users if other providers are not available and such offers benefit the primary target groups.  

The objective is for UNINETT AS to offer a research network with a capacity of no less than 100 megabit to the individual institution, as well as gigabit capacity to research communities with special needs. Furthermore, this grant shall contribute to the company’s efforts to advance the use of open standards for data communication, to promote interconnection across national borders and between different types of computers. 

UNINETT AS shall ensure interconnection between national and international service providers relevant for its primary target group. The company shall offer network operations services, primarily to institutions of research and higher education, to meet these goals, and shall do so on its own. Whenever relevant network services can be procured at a lower cost from commercial subsuppliers, such services should normally be used. If not, UNINETT AS may offer these services itself. The Ministry expects the company to be cost-efficient and implement a cost-based pricing model for its services. Approx. half of the grant is to be used for investments in hybrid networks, i.e. developing the capacity of the research and education network.
Slightly less than half of the grant is to be used for development projects, including the system for joint electronic identity – Feide.
Developments are also expected in the areas of service infrastructure, system infrastructure, network monitoring and general network technology, such as optical technology. Furthermore, UNINETT AS is requested to investigate the need for storage solutions in the sector and, if necessary, consider developing services in connection with this need…”