Identity and Access Management - IAM

Uninett has been chosen as project manager for a national IAM project within the Norwegian sector for research and higher education (HE sector). We are currently undertaking an RFI tender process (Request for Interest), which will close December 31, 2018.



There have been no sector-wide concerted efforts to coordinate IAM activities within the Norwegian HE Sector. However,  the four eldest universities have initiated a process to harmonize their processes and converge on one IAM solution. It is expected that such a solution will be suitable for the remaining institutions in the Norwegian public HE Sector, and may potentially also cover private HE organizations in Norway, as well as research organizations.

Uninett is project manager and the the project will be piloted by The University of Bergen. The project aims to land a coherent solution for the entire HE sector. If successful, the current RFI will help involved parties to prepare an upcoming RFP for an IAM solution for the Norwegian HE sector, obtaining information about potential IAM solutions in the market in order to determine the direction and scope for an upcoming procurement.