Ever since UNINETT originally started as a research project in the 1980s, innovation has been an important activity. Resources are invested each year in the exploration of new technologies. Through its innovation program UNINETT gets important knowledge about future technological solutions that have potential as tools for universities and colleges. The Innovation Program also invests resources in active participation in several national and international research projects in close collaboration with experts from Norwegian universities and colleges.

Transparency is a key concept of the innovation effort. Open standards and non-proprietary solutions, preferably based on open source are emphasized.

Results from innovation (professional evidence, program packages and testing services) is published on UNINETT labs .

Innovation activities mostly occurs in four main areas.

Monitoring of networks and services

UNINETT's and R&E sector system and network infrastructure is  growing both in scale, complexity and security requirements. Structured, efficient and precise monitoring of the infrastructure is paramount to offer users desired level of service availability. UNINETT's innovation program  study and develop prototype systems for monitoring in cooperation with research institutions and other national research networks.


Service Infrastructure

Since all modern ICT services can be accessed via the Internet and / or require internet access,  UNINETT continuous monitorareas of technology and standards that may be relevant and important for online services. Exploitation and provisioning of network and system resources for services is one of the core focus areas for service infrastructure work.


System infrastructure

Modern online ICT services are all running on to of some system infrastructure. UNINETT's innovation program study and experiment with advanced and innovative solutions for system infrastructure. Low total cost, high reliability and scalability are core parameters.


Network technology

One of the primary functions of the research network  is to ensure stable, generous and cost efficient network resources. The innovation program has ongoing activities that monitor and test the latest in network technology. The research network should always be among pioneers, making use of the latest network technology. UNINETT has close cooperation with national industry and research, as well as international partners, in exploring the lates technology available.