The Journey of Saga – From Prague to Trondheim

Three months after the contract for HPC Machine C1, now known as Saga, was signed, it was ready for its factory acceptance test (FAT) at the Foxconn factory in Kutny Hora outside of Prague.

The vendor HPE secured that the entire Saga was fully set up . In addition, all tests also prepared for the Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) was run, including a 96-hour HPL run.

The FAT did reveal several faults and shortcomings, but these were rectified during the test period, thus making Saga fully ready for packing and shipping to Trondheim.

Saga during FAT at HPEs facilities at the Foxconn factory (Helge Stranden representing Uninett Sigma2, together with Martin Papik)


Finally til Valhall

Saga was then picked up at the factory Saturday 20/4 by two lorries and driven all the way to NTNU in Trondheim without any reloading. Delivery took place on April 24 and installation was completed without any issues two days later, when it was also powered up for the first time in its new home.

Saga is located in the datacenter called Valhall at NTNU. This is the same room as the current HPC machine Vilje is located. The placing and installation of Saga has been carefully planned in order not to impact the on-going production on Vilje.

The acceptance testing was scheduled to start May 2 and on April 30 HPE notified us that the system was ready for SAT. The SAT was then planned to be completed by May 17 and is currently undergoing the final testing.

Saga rack before unpacking at NTNU


Saga racks before final positioning.


Per Steffen hard at work.



What comes next?

The next phase will be the pilot-period where we will run test production on the machine with a few specially selected projects. This will formally last until mid-July, but due to the summer holiday, in practice until mid-August.

Then the responsibility of the system shall formally be handed over from the Preparation for Operation team to the Operations team. From this time and onwards, projects and users will be gradually migrated from Abel to Saga.

When the migration is complete, Abel will be turned off and decommissioned, and Saga will be in full production.