Kalmar2 e-identity union

The Kalmar2 e-identity union is a cross-Nordic authentication system for research and higher education. Students and staff members in a Nordic university or research institution can use a single username and password to access services in other Nordic countries.


Kalmar2 is the solution to the need for co-operation and sharing within research and higher education across the Nordic countries. The goal is to strengthen Nordic collaboration, based on the existing infrastructure for role based access. 

UNINETT har participated actively in the unification of the Nordic identity federations through Kalmar2. The Kalmar2 project was financed by NordForsk. Member countries are Norway (Feide), Finland (Haka), Denmark (WAYF), Sweden (SWAMI) and Iceland (through WAYF). Kalmar2 is not limited to the Nordic countries, other countries can apply for membership, provided they comply with the Kalmar2 criteria for identity management.

For more information, go to the Kalmar2 webpage.