Innovation and knowledge sharing are core activities at UNINETT. By running large and small, simple and comprehensive, short and long projects knowledge and experience are gained which creates the foundation for new and improved services offered to UNINETTs member institutions. Services offered by UNINETT typically starts as experimental followed by a piloting phase before they are put in production. UNINETT would like pioneer users  to contribute with evaluating and testing experimental and pilot services. See more about the innovation program.

UNINETT labs presentes results from UNINETTs innovation activities such that pioneer users may gain knowledge, test tools and systems, and evaluate quality and general value. Results are organised in three cathegories: Knowledge, Software and Test Services.


Here you may find references to draft UNINETT "Best practise" documents, scientific publications, presentations, reports and memos presenting technological knowledge from innovation activities.

Draft Best Practice Documents


IoU blog
Research and Study Network Technologies – White Paper
By Kurosh Bozorgebrahimi

Uninett contributed to the white paper, which have been published in conjunction with GEANT4 deliverable D13.1. This ...

Alien wavelength 100G field interoperability testing
By Kurosh Bozorgebrahimi

We performed 100G field alien wavelength test over 1235km of DWDM-path. The purpose of the test was to verify support of 100G ...

NTP Clock Synch Accuracy – It’s time for microseconds
By Otto Wittner

Making accurate clock signals available has been an ongoing challenge for mankind for millenniums (ref wikipedia).   We have ... is going live
By Andreas Åkre Solberg, an advanced API Platform for education and research in Norway, based upon OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect is going ...

In search for “the meaning of SDN”
By Otto Wittner

UNINETTs 2015 innovation project on SDN technology has continued the search for a “the meaning of SDN” for an IP ...

IoU articles and reports
SNIP: TLS based IPv6 transition proxy
By Yorin Anne de Jong, Otto Jonassen Wittner

In: The TNC16 Networking Conference. Poster presentation., GEANT Praha, Czech Republic, 2016.

Research and Study Network Technologies – White Paper
By H. Wessing (NORDUnet), K. Bozorgebrahimi (NORDUnet), J. Vojtech (CESNET), P. Skoda (CESNET), S. Naegele-Jackson (DFN), A. Metz (DFN), M. N. Petersen (NORDUnet), L. Velasco (RedIRIS), N. Sambo (CNIT/GARR), V. Olifer (Jisc), R. Lund (NORDUnet), P. Rydlichowski (PSNC)

GEANT JRA1 2016, (Deliverable D13.1), 2016.

Stroboscope on the Internet
By Olav Kvittem

NORDUnet Technical Workshop 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Backbone Networks in The Cloud
By Otto J Wittner

The 1st CleanSky ITN Summer School, Göttingen, Germany.

MS Data Analysis with a Touch of Spark
By Sharma, Animesh; Steven, Lewis; Dahiya, Gurvinder; Slupphaug, Geir

European Proteomics Association, EUPA 2015, Milan, 2015.


Here a list of software packages developed and/or maintained by UNINETT is presented. Software packages are by default open source and may be downloaded freely. Some packages may required you to contact a technical responsible to get access.



FEIDE is implementing secure identification of internet-service users and assignment of user access-rights.

Mail Dike

a system to stop spam by imposing SMTP restrictions.

Mail Dike II

an e-mail content-inspection and content-filtering system built on top of amavisd-new, Clamav and SpamAssassin.


a generic RADIUS proxy that in addition to to usual RADIUS UDP transport, also supports TLS(RadSec).

Network management and monitoring


Software suite to monitor large computer networks. It discovers network topology, monitors network load and outages.


a system for aggregating and presenting network statistics.


Monitoring suit which monitor routers and links, collects traffic statistics, and prepares topology maps and load diagrams for the web. Examples are available.


Analyse the quality of media streams. It measures characteristics like packet jitter, loss and gaps, throughput and burstiness.


Network simulation and visualisation tool. Simulate changes in topology and metrics and visualise the effects.


VoipADE is an anomaly detection system for the calls made through VoIP. It uses behavioral based algorithm to detect the anomalous behavior and raise the alert based on the analysis. The alert can be sent to the syslog or to the hobbit server, which can further sent the alerts via email, SMS etc.

Rude & Crude

RUDE (Real-time UDP Data Emitter) and CRUDE (Collector for RUDE) is a small and flexible traffic generator and collector. Rude & Crude is well suited for generating tailored probe packet flows during active network measurements. The tools was originally developed by a finish community. The current version is maintained by UNINETT.


For more software see our software repository.

Test services

Here a list of running experimental and pilot services is presented. Some services are publically accessable while some require an agreemed between UNINETT and a member institution.

Note: The services may occationally be unstable or down.