Layer 2 Virtual Private Networks (L2VPN)

With the L2VPN service, Uninett can transport Ethernet packages between two of Uninetts presence points. The service may be used to extend the internal network between the headquarters and branch offices.
The L2VPN connection can be set up for anyone connected to the research network.
Description of the service: 
Standard L2VPN service comes as an 802.1q VLAN tag on an existing physical connection to Uninett. Dedicated physical ports can be delivered on request. When using existing connections without VLAN tags, the connection must be reconfigured. The traffic is encapsulated using MPLS, and carried through the root line between the two endpoints.

No capacity is reserved in the network for the traffic carried by the service. That is, traffic is subject to the same treatment as other traffic.

The service offers traffic separation
Uninett guarantees that unencrypted traffic between endpoints does not leak on customer cases where it is not intended to be terminated. However, the service does not offer any confidentiality as the content of the traffic is not encrypted.

Traffic between the two endpoints will be subject to redirection in the event of a possible outcome of single connections internally in the Uninetts network, similar to that for normal IP traffic between the two endpoints, provided there is an alternative route. However, a single L2VPN connection will be vulnerable to interference on the two edge routes in Uninett. If you want to set up the most stable connection between two installations you should set up two L2 VPNconnections using different Uninett root routers and run dynamic routing over the connections.
Target group: 
L2VPN service can be used by any organization using Uninett as an ISP.
Order info: 

Organizations wishing to connect to the L2VPN service can contact Uninett on

The service is monitored 24/7 by Uninetts network operating center.
Telephone: +47 73 55 79 60 (ev. +47 94 51 43 61)

Service failure can be reported outside of normal opening hours on telephone +47 911 27 087.
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