Learning Management System (LMS)

The purpose of the virtual Learning Management System service (LMS) is to manage the existing framework agreements for virtual learning platforms, and partake as a link between the service suppliers and the customers.
Target group: 

Primarily the service is created for the higher educational system in Norway. However, the service is available to all companies connected to UNINETT.


In order to use the service, institutions that are subjected to the Public Procurement Act, must have participated in the joint procurement of LMS in 2016. 

Please contact contat@uninett.no in order to partake in the contract if you are a private institution. 

Description of the service: 

The aim of the service is to coordinate institutions that use the existing contracts. The service also contributes to cooperation within this field across Norwegian higher education.  

To protect the interests of Norwegian higher education, UNINETT manages the valid agreements related to LMS, creates common integration and value streams across the participating institutions, as well as work as a coordinator to facilitate institutional collaboration. This also includes areas where collaboration and large-scale work secures benefits for the participating institutions and the higher educational sector as a whole.   

The aim of the service is to ensure a good product at a low price, through collaboration and knowledge sharing within Norway's sector of higher education.   


Service cost is distributed evenly across all participating institutions according to the current model of payment.  

Please contact UNINETT to order the service.  

Organization of the service: 

The advisory board for education governs the service.  

Contact info: