Live streaming of video

Live streaming of video offers streaming of audio and video to Internet browsers on most devices. The service can be applied for live streaming of lectures, workshops and meetings to a group of 5000-10000 concurrent users. The service is versatile and accepts a variety of cameras and encoders.
Target group: 

The service is available for a selection of institutions. Target audiences are students and employees at Norwegian universities and university colleges.


Live streaming of video requires login via Feide. User need to acquire their own recording device. An open network connection to UNINETT and the Internet is also assumed.

Status description: 
The service is intermittently operational; no support is provided
to Sunday, December 31, 2017 - 16:00
Description of the service: 

Note: UNINETT's lecture recording services’ now also offer live stream with recording. "Live streaming of video" is a supplement to these services.

The service is a simple and flexible streaming solution and may be used to reach larger groups of viewers with audio and video of customized quality, captured by   different platforms and devices. The service automatically records all content, and offers playback with "time-shift" functionality.  

Technical information: The service is based on ffmpeg and "chunks" over HTTP. A cluster of servers processes and  transcode incoming video streams (e.g. UDP, RTP or RTMP, etc.), and create three second video chunks of different quality and resolution. A continuously updated play-list with all of the video chunks is available.To make the resulting streams available in most browsers on all devices, HTTP Live Streaming and hls.js is currently applied. When browsers start implementing native support for MPEG-DASH, a shift to this format will be considered.


For experimental services from UNINETT, there is no cost. 

We greatly appreciate feedback. Please contact the person responsible for the service if you have any comments or suggestions about how to improve the service.

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