Log Analysis

Log analysis is a useful and user-friendly analysis tool for monitoring, debugging and resource planning.

Users must use Feide login. In May 2017, authentication will be added, so users may use Dataporten.

Description of the service: 

Log analysis receives and analyzes a large volume of log information through parsing and logging (Logstash and Elasticsearch). Then key data is presented through Kibana in an easy-to-use digital format with simple navigation solutions. To ensure high availability, a redundant 10GB data network connection has been established, while Log analysis runs on a cluster of redundant machines. The service is scalable for very large amounts of data.

For security reasons, each user only has access to their own log files. Uninett has also made a "shell" for authentication and authorization around Kibana. The logs are also available in their original format for a limited period of time. The service runs on a data center where data is stored and processed on dedicated servers physically located at Uninett / NTNU, operated by Uninett. All data and data processing is therefore handled by one supplier, governed by Norwegian law.


The price of the service is low compared to commercial alternatives. There may be an additional cost for long-term storage of large amounts of log data. The price is calculated per day so that unexpected massive logging, such as failure of a system, should not have drastical economic consequences for the customer.

The cost is charged in arrears based on registered use There is no registration fee If the total use of the service from the entire sector exceeds 300 GB per day, the price may be adjusted For heavier use of Log analysis, a step-by-step lower price per GB applies Payment Method for Log Analysis. All prices are per GB logged on a single day.

 From To  Price per GB for log volume exceeding "From"
 400     1,04 kr
 200  400  2,08 kr
 100  200  4,17 kr
 40  100  6,22 kr
 0  40  8,33 kr

The overview below shows cost per year at a given even log volume per day, as compared to that the cost would have been at a fixed price of 8.33 per GB.

 GB per day Cost  (Cost with a fixed rate of 8,33 kr per GB)
 40  120 000 kr  120 000 kr
 80  212 000 kr  243 000 kr
 200  410 000 kr  608 000 kr
 500  600 000 kr  1 520 000 kr
 1000  790 000 kr  3 040 000 kr
Target group: 

The service is available to institutions in the university and college sector. Anyone who manages systems with logs can benefit from the service.

Order info: 

Contact Uninett to order the service.

The Security Analysis service is dependent on Log analysis, and the two services are often ordered together. Therefore, ordering log analysis is described in the Security Analysis User Documentation. There is still no ordering log analysis, without security analysis.

Organization of the service: 

Log analysis will be handled through a suitable priority council with members from the university and college sector. There is a professional collaboration in the sector around log analysis. View the Agora page for more details around log analysis.

Contact info: