National and International Research Projects

UNINETT collaborates with several national and international research communities. The list below shows current and past project collaborations.


Uninett IoUs collaboration ptojects

Name Description Time period Status
Oslo Analytics Development of solutions for holistic analysis of cybersecurity incidents. 2016- Activ
GEANT4 EU project developing the European academic IP backbone 2015- Activ
Nettmusikk Networked music - online musical collaboration and production 2014- Activ
ONSITE Design Driven Field Studies for Safer Demanding Marine Operations 2015-2018 Ended
CleanSky EU network for research and education focusinng on ecosystmens for cloud computing 2014-2018 Ended
Nornet Multihomed experimental communication network 2012-2016 Ended
Timein Handling thin streams in the Internet 2012-2015 Ended
AV arena Resource network within  medicine and multimedia teknologi. 2011-2015 Ended
GENAT3 Plus EU project developing the European academic IP backbone 2013-2015 Ended
iAD Centre for InnovationSFI on "big data" og multimedia activities 2012-2014 Ended
GEANT3 EU project developing the European academic IP backbone. 2009-2013 Ended
R2D2 Analysis og  QoE og QoS for video services 2010-2012 Ended
Q2S Centre of Excellence for quantifiable QoS of ICT 2003-2012 Ended
LOBSTER Pilot European infrastructure for accurate Internet traffic monitoring 2005-2007 Ended
SCAMPI Development of a scaleable monitoring platform for the Internet 2002-2004 Ended