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Connecting to Uninett’s nationwide Internet, The National Research and Education Network, provides high capacity Internet access to users throughout Norway, including Svalbard. The research network is transparent and neutral, has very high capacity, and provides users with network access to international research networks as well. The research network connection is the foundation for most of the additional services offered by Uninett.

What is the research network

Customers are normally connected to the Uninett research network with a 1 Gb/s Ethernet interface at the minimum, however lower capacity interfaces may be provided on request. The network connection is transparent, allowing users to run end-to-end communication without obstacles or bottlenecks.

All institutions have to this day been granted access to as many official IPv4 addresses as they have had a documented need for. The research network is fully expanded with IPv6 and multicast, also available as standard options. Various network measurements are carried out, and traffic statistics are continuously collected. The results are made available.

Additional connections for load balancing and redundancy may be established. For applications that are particularly load-demanding and/or demand a specific absolute time delay, dedicated optical connections are offered nationally and internationally. A specific routing setup for selective traffic control may be set up for this purpose.

For state-run universities and colleges, this service is part of the basic services.

Service organization

The research network is developed and operated by Uninett AS. The dialogue with the knowledge sector and prioritizing service-related tasks is handled by the Priority Council for Network and Web-based Services.

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