Remote Visualisation

UNINETT Sigma2s remote visualisation service provides the possibility of visualizing remotely data that is stored on the national data infrastructure in the user's project area (storage area for active data).

Access to the remote visualisation service requires Linux as operative system.

Access to the service requires users to have a granted project storage area or a access to one of the high-performance computing resources.

Status description: 
Tjenesten er i pilot . Den kan ha alle tre definerte forventninger om pålitelighet og må ha lav kritikalitet. Levetid defineres innenfor maksimum 12 måneder. Etter endt levetid kan en pilot legges ned, få forlenget levetid eller oppgraderes til produksjonstjeneste. Tilgang til en pilot kan være begrenset til en bestemt gruppe (for eksempel ansatte) eller institusjon. Det skal finnes brukerveiledning (dokumentasjon og evt. brukerstøtte).
Description of the service: 

Users request the installation of an appropriate visualisation software on the data infrastructure. Currently only Linux software is accepted, so Windows based tools are not supported yet.

The following visualisation tools are already available:

  • Paraview
  • Opendtect
  • Vapor3D
  • Star-CCM+

Users must install a vnc client ( to connect to the servers, and start using their software to visualise data.

All data remain locally on the servers. Only a video stream is sent to the client, allowing a seamless visualisation of large datasets even with a low-bandwidth connection and a device equipped with a low-level graphics card.

Denne tjenesten er forbeholdt statlige universiteter og høgskoler.

Target group: 

The remote visualisation service is available to staff and students at Norwegian universities and university colleges in need of visualisation of scientific data. Researchers in independent research institutes may also gain access to this service, provided that their work is funded by public grants and meets requirements for scientific publication.

Organization of the service: 

UNINETT Sigma2 AS manages the national infrastructure for computational science in Norway and offers services in high performance computing and data storage.

Contact info: