NORDUnet - the Nordic infrastructure for research and education


NORDUnet is a joint collaboration by the five Nordic national research and education networks, respectively Norway (UNINETT), Denmark (DeiC), Finland (Funet), Iceland (RHnet) and Sweden (SUNET). NORDUnet operates a world-class Nordic and international network and e-infrastructure service for the Nordic research and educational community.


Collaborating through NORDUnet, the Nordic NRENs achieve cost-effective international connections, as well as increased influence on the development of international network topology and technical platforms. NORDUnet monitors international network research activities and development projects and coordinates Nordic involvement in these projects, such as the GÉANT3 project.


NORDUnet offers Internet connectivity as well as a DNS root server, information services and NetNews & MBONE connections to the national NRENs. NORDUnet also coordinates the Nordic CERT activities (Computer Emergency Response Team).


NORDUnet is the result of a Nordic collaboration financed by the Nordic Council in the 1980s. The collaboration was formalized in 1989, and NORDUnet was established as a limited company in 1995.

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