Recruitment system service

UNINETT’s recruitment system service, supplied by Jobbnorge, supports administrative managers and HR professionals in their recruitment processes, including their communication with applicants. By using the system, customers benefit from best practice development, further system integrations, and collaboration across institutions.
Target group: 

All UNINETT's customers


All UNINETT's customers can sign up

Description of the service: 

The recruitent system is Jobbnorge, an online recruitment system. Jobbnorge requires no installation or updates. The system was aquired through a procurement collaboration process between some twenty higher education institutions, which all had signed up in advance. All customers of UNINETT can use the recruitment system service.

The Jobbnorge recruitment system helps establish professional and secure communication with job seekers. It supports the organizations to recruit employees, managers and academic staff, including:

• Administration of templates, screening, organizational structure and internal workflow
• Preparation of job advertisements in several languages
• Screening for preliminary sorting of candidates
• Seek lists and processing applications
• Log events and responses to the applicants
• Templates for easy reuse of text
• Notification functionality and opportunities for reports on the basis of seeking mass, position, etc.

The system can publish to multiple channels;  to electronic media, paper media, social media, international databases.

It also features:
• Flexible access control
• Ads removed from the internet pr. date
• Browser independence
• Possibility of dispatch of personality and ability tests

The system is integrated with the national federated login service Feide, in addition to the document management system Public 360


UNINETT's annual service fee covers all costs related to collaboration and development of the system. The fee also covers hourly costs for employees at UNINETT who perform work related to the service. There will also be a fee from supplier Jobbnorge. This is for license costs. For further information about services and prices, contact UNINETT.

Organization of the service: 

UNINETT operates as a service coordinator on behalf of the user institutions. Furthermore, UNINETT manages the contract with supplier Jobbnorge. A strategy group of professionals from the instituitions' HR departments has been established.

The system supplier is Jobbnorge. The current contract period runs from October 2014 and for four years, until December 1, 2018. -

All UNINETT members can assign the contract.

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