Research & Education networking in 78 seconds

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Wonder what a Research & Education network is all about? The bright people at Norwegian R&E network Uninett have produced a marvelous little video explaining the basic of it all – in just 78 seconds. Take a look and get enlightened!

Video: This is Uninett

The video explains how Uninett works to ensure that students, lecturers and researchers have access to the best digital tools available. As the amount of data, speed and interaction increases, network infrastructure gets ever more important. Online access without bottlenecks is key, and secure access to digital tools is crucial. Therefore data handling and security are som of the key focus areas of Uninett, together with collaboration with i IT-colleagues at campuses all around the country, making sure knowledge is still one of Norways most important resources.

Uninett interconnects about 150 Norwegian educational and research institutions and more than 300 000 users cross-country. Uninett is owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research and supplies a wide range of services connected with the research network, among other things in the fields of identity management, purchasing co-operation, mobility, network management and security. On top of this, Uninett carries on innovation and development work in its technical fields and is involved in a wide range of acitivities internationally.