Room scheduling tool

With UNINETT’s service for time and room scheduling, it is easy for universities and university colleges to plan and execute education and exams. This service is well suited for institutions that handle classrooms as a part of their activity.
Target group: 

The main use of the service is by institutions that need a swift and easy tool for scheduling. Yet one can also use the service to display students’ timetables, room booking, etc. The service is also open for students and other members of the institutions staff. Through the digital system, educators can view and edit their schedule, and the institution’s administrative staff can distribute auditoriums, rooms and other resources. 


On behalf of the enrolled Norwegian universities and university colleges, UNINETT has completed an acquisition process to purchase a tool for time and room scheduling through a framework agreement.

Institutions must use the framework agreement to purchase the scheduling tool. The institution has to be a principal of the framework agreement to enable usage of the service.

Description of the service: 

In order to use functionality covered by the framework agreement, the institution needs to renew the existing agreement, or enter into a new agreement. To achieve this the institution has to apply the framework powered by UNINETT.

TimeEdit is the selected supplier for this service. However, institutions can also use IST and Scientia. See “conditions” for information on how to use the service.

The Act of Public Procurement secures the institutions’ right to use valid or ongoing agreements, until the first renewal or expiry date.

This service requires Feide.

This service requires connection to the Norwegian national research and education network.


UNINETT’s model of payment finances the service. Institutions pay the supplier for the system. You will find information about price and conditions in the framework agreement.

Please contact your service provider for information about price.

Order info: 

Institutions have to contact the preferred supplier, or the supplier that won the internal mini-competition to start using their software and this service. The service provider is responsible for providing access to contracts, prices and other relevant information.

Organization of the service: 

UNINETT is responsible for service coordination.

UNINETT has entered into a framework agreement on behalf of the Norwegian sector of higher education. If your institution wants to partake in this framework agreement, the institution needs to sign a call off contract. When it is time to renew the framework agreement, UNINETT will invite all of the institutions in the Norwegian sector of higher education to participate in the procurement process.    


You’ll find information about reliability in the call off contract and the framework agreement.


Direct contact with the supplier, defined in the framework agreement. 

Contact info: