Router operation

This service is perfect for institutions that do not have the capacity or time to operate their own routers. We procure, configure and operate the router for the institution.

The institution needs to be connected to the Norwegian national research and education network to use this service.

Description of the service: 

Based on the customer’s type of connection to Uninett we offer a customized version of the service. The hardware is compatible with both one and ten gigabits per second connections. We also offer support for customers connected to Uninett via redundant connections.

To ensure a stable service we use hardware developed by a trusted supplier. 


For information about service costs, please contact Uninett at

The service cost is in two parts: one establishment fee and a monthly cost for operations.

The institutions receive an annual invoice. 

Target group: 

The service is well suited for small or medium sized institutions that do not have the time or capacity to operate a router themselves.

Organization of the service: 

Uninett is responsible for development and maintenance of the service.

The network advisory board ensures dialogue with Norwegian higher education and prioritize development of the service.


Uninetts network operation centre (NOC) monitors the service 24/7, visit for more information. 


Uninett offers technical support for the institution’s IT-department.

Please contact Uninetts network operation centre (NOC) for user support or to report service errors.

Contact information: or +47 73 55 79 60.

The institution can also repport service errors outside normal opening hours at +47 911 27 087.   

Contact info: