Security Certificates

The Security Certificate service offers several types of certificates for the protection of network services, network traffic and documents. It includes service certificates, personal certificates, certification of Grid services, and program code and document signing certificates.

What is Security Certificates?

Upon purchasing security certificates, the subscriber will manage his own order page with the supplier for the creation of certificates. From our side, automatic E-mail alerts will be sent when the certificates are about to expire. 

Who is Security Certificates for?

The certification service can be used by anyone who is connected to the research network.

Typical end users of the certification service include web server and E-mail server administrators (service certificates), users of international HPC services (Grid certificates) and software developers who publish codes (code signing certificates).

Practically all state-run colleges and universities use this service.

How the Security Certificates is organized?

Open configuration alternatives

The service is based on GÉANT TCS (Trusted Certificate Service).

The certificates are issued by DigiCert, which is a Certification Authority (CA) based in the USA.


The customer is invoiced based on the size of the organization, measured by the number of employees.

The service fee applies to an unlimited number of certificates – both server certificates, certificates for code signing, and personal certificates.

Price per year for security certificates

Under 250 employees


250 – 1,500 employees


1 500 – 4,500 employees


Over 4,500 employees


Previous calculations estimate this as 10–20% of the market price, given the current volume.

The service is not meant to earn a substantial profit, but simply cover actual expenses.

The price of the service is specified in advance as set forth in the framework agreement.

Get Security Certificates

The company must be connected to the research network – that is to say, it must use Uninett as its Internet service provider.

Access to personal certificates is subject to Feide login.

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