Service platform - "Dataporten"

UNINETT's service platform, Dataporten (Norwegian for "data gate"), is a shared component of the education sector which connects data sources and end-user applications. Typical data that can be shared through Dataporten is both personal and group data, but also other information, such as whether the student has paid tuition or not. The users of data port determines what should be shared there.
Target group: 
The service is aimed primarily at universities, colleges, primary education, and other service providers who provide services to the education sector.

The service requires Feide (UNINETT's federated authentication service)


The service is free of charge for service providers.

For educational organizations, please refer to the Norwegian version.

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Organization of the service: 

UNINETT's service platform Dataporten is operated and maintained by UNINETT. During spring 2016, UNINETT will establish a prioritizing group for middleware and integration, which also will include Dataporten. Until April 1, we have a separate reference group for the pilot project.

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