Transferring large files - Filesender

PS! This service has been transferred from UNINETT to the Government Agency for ICT Services in Research & Education

UNINETT's file transfer service, FileSender, makes it easy to transfer large files using only a web browser. Files can be transferred to one or several recipients. The service has been tested with files as large as 1000 GB. FileSender is a secure and practical alternative, for example when sending files as attachments to e-mails is not possible. The service is entirely produced within the Norwegian higher education sector and therefore entirely governed by Norwegian national law.
Target group: 
FileSender is available to students, academic staff, researchers and other staff at universities and university colleges whose internet service provider is UNINETT, i.e. institutions connected to Norway’s national research and education network (NREN). 

•    FileSender users must be associated with an institution whose internet service provider is UNINETT, i.e. institutions connected to the national research and education network (NREN)

•    The institutions must be a Feide host organization (list of Feide host organizations)

•    Users must use their Feide username and password for FileSender access

Description of the service: 

With FileSender you can:

•    share files of any size using advanced HTML5 functionality commonly available in the browsers FireFox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer.  The configured maximum is 250 GB, contact us if that needs to be increased to fulfill your needs.

  • share files of up to 2 GB using older web browsers and Flash:  if they let you use YouTube you can use FileSender

•    send a file to up to 100 recipients at the same time

•    keep files available for download for up to 60 days

How to send a file:

1.Go to

2.Log in with Feide

3.Enter the e-mail address(es) of the file recipient(s) (a Feide account for the recipient is not required)

4.Enter a subject and a message for the recipients (optional)

5.Select an expiration date (optional, max. 60 days, set to 20 days by default)

6.Upload the file you wish to send

7.Check to indicate that you accept the terms and conditions for using the service

8.Press “Send”

The system will save the file and send a message to the recipient with a link to the file (and a copy of the message to you). The recipient will click on the link to download the file. You will receive a notification when the recipient has downloaded the file.

Follow this link for user manual, frequently asked questions etc.


Until now there was no additional cost for the service, it was covered by the UNINETT service fee for all UNINETT members.  During 2016 this will be changed to an explicit cost-recovery model where each individual subscribing institution will be invoiced for using the service. 

Order info: 

UNINETT members can order FileSender via the order form for eCampus services 

Organization of the service: 

The service is produced by UNINETT.  Th local IT department at The University of Oslo (USiT) is responsible for the technical service delivery.  Data is stored in USIT's data centres.

Contact info: