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PS! This service has been transferred to the Government Agency for ICT Services in Research & Education

PS! This service is no longer offered by Uninett. Please contact the Unit-directorate The service for electronic administration and filing; Public 360, offers a comprehensive system for administration and filing that supports the Noark-5 standard. By implementing the Public 360 system, the institution can create and process cases, register incoming and outgoing documents, file and retrieve cases and individual entries, and draft reports. This service is tailored to the needs of all state and scientific university colleges and universities in Norway, included other members of the Unit-directorate colaboration.  
Target group: 

The list of customers counts today 35. They use Public 360 in their daily activities.  


This service uses the administration and filing system Public 360, which was procured in a joint public procurement process for all participating universities and university colleges. One condition for participation in this process was that all participating parties had to have Uninett as their Internet service provider, i.e. they had to be connected to the research and education network.

Description of the service: 

The Unit-diretorate has a licence agreement with Software Innovation AS for Public 360 as an electronic administration and filing system for the university and university college sector, included Unit-directorate members. Public 360 is a comprehensive administration and filing system, and supports the Noark-5 standard.


An annual service fee covers all costs associated with the maintenance, operation and technical user support for the administration and filing system. This fee also covers any hourly rates for Unit-directorate staff carrying out work associated with the service. The institutions are invoiced annually on a collective invoice from the Unit-directorate

In addition, maintenance costs and user support costs from supplier apply.

Organization of the service: 

The Unit-directorate plays the role of customer coordinator. A prioritization council comprising experts from the institutions makes decisions regarding the customers’ prioritizations and management of the service. The council consults with prioritization councils for other services in these matters.

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