Anti-plagiarism software

PS! This service has been transferred to the Government Agency for ICT Services in Research & Education

With a system in place to check for plagiarism, universities and university colleges can get cheating in student papers under control. The system checks electronic submissions for plagiarism by comparing them with existing texts available on the Internet, as well as by checking them against previous texts submitted to the institution. Submissions can also be compared with submissions to other institutions using the same system. 
Target group: 

This service is a good choice for all universities and university colleges with a need to check for plagiarism in electronic submissions. 


In order to gain access to the service, your institution must have Uninett as its Internet service provider (NREN), i.e. your institution must be connected to the national research and education network.

Description of the service: 

By using an anti-plagiarism system acquired through the directorate’s purchasing process, the customer has a stronger position with the supplier than he or she would otherwise have by implementing a separate system. By participating in a system collaboration, such as this, costs are also reduced. On behalf of several universities and university colleges, The directorate has entered into a framework agreement with Ephorus BV for an anti-plagiarism system.

After implementing this system, electronic submissions from students can be checked for plagiarism by comparing the text with texts from various sources on the Internet and with previous texts submitted to the same institution. It is also possible to establish agreements allowing participants to compare texts with texts submitted to other participating institutions. Text submissions can either be made directly or via a learning platform, such as Fronter.

Contract periods under the framework agreement can be decided at the customer’s discretion.


The directorate’s limited role as coordinator in this regard is covered by the fee for common services under the pricing model for economic and administrative systems.

Participating institutions pay for the anti-plagiarism service directly to the supplier, Ephorus BV.

Organization of the service: 

The directorate has entered into a framework agreement with Ephorus. Participating institutions will sign call-off contracts under the terms of this framework agreement.

When the framework agreement is up for renewal, the directorate will invite the institutions in the Norwegian higher education sector to participate in a continuation project.

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