Lecture recording, comprehensive system – Mediasite

PS! This service has been transferred from UNINETT to the Government Agency for ICT Services in Research & Education

Mediasite is a comprehensive system for lecture recording. The system comprises recorders and servers, and offers recordings of the lecturer synchronized with a VGA source (normally slides). Recordings may be played on most platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android (version Ice Cream Sandwich and higher) and Blackberry. This service is offered as the result of a collaborative effort from several parties, where it is possible to offer a better service at a lower price than the individual institution would have been able to achieve on its own. 
Target group: 

This service is available to all staff at universities and university colleges whose Internet service provider is UNINETT, i.e. institutions connected to the national research and education network. End users of the service will, in most cases, be students at these institutions, but recordings made using the system may be made publicly available.  


Users who wish to gain access to this service must be employed by institutions whose Internet service provider is UNINETT, i.e. institutions connected to the national research and education network. In addition, the individual institutions must make sure the relevant licences have been acquired from the manufacturer of Mediasite, Sonic Foundry. This is a matter between the individual institution and Sonic Foundry.

Description of the service: 

Mediasite is an expensive and complex system to implement for any institution in the Norwegian higher education sector. The recording units required for the system to work are expensive, and you need 5-6 servers to deliver and process video recorded with the system. This service aims to organize the operation of these servers as a collaboration effort between all participating institutions. By participating, the institutions gain access to all the full range of functions offered in the system, such as transcoding between video formats, incremental backup and redundant servers. 

By implementing this service, participating institutions save themselves the investments required to implement Mediasite, while at the same time reducing operating costs significantly by sharing the costs with the other participating institutions.

Participating institutions also benefit by sharing experiences and knowledge between users across all the institutions taking part.  

At the time of contract, UNINETT will provide the training required to get started with the service, in addition to assisting the institutions in setting up the service and importing data when moving from existing installations. UNINETT will not be providing user support to end users of the service, but will instead provide all necessary support to superusers of the service.


The costs associated with this service are two-fold: operation-related and storage-related. The operating costs are split equally between the participating institutions. Each individual institution is invoiced for storage costs in accordance with use.

For more general information about UNINETT’s pricing model, click here.

Organization of the service: 

This service is managed by UNINETT, who holds a Mediasite Server licence issued by Sonic Foundry. The service is operated in collaboration with BIBSYS.

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