Consulting on campus infrastructure

The research and education network can offer capacities and services not available from any other commercial Internet service provider. For that reason, UNINETT also offers consulting services in connection with campus infrastructure. For the customer this means added value from services provided by UNINETT.  
Target group: 
This service is principally available to state universities and university colleges, and it is primarily directed at local ICT departments. However, other customers may also gain access to this service upon request.   

In order to be eligible for this service, the customer must have UNINETT as its Internet service provider, i.e. must be connected to the research and education network.  

To customers outside of state universities and university colleges, this consultation service is offered in accordance with available resources at UNINETT.
Description of the service: 

UNINETT offers consultation on the following areas connected to campus infrastructure:

    Physical infrastructure (physical design, power supply, cooling, cable routing) 
    Local networks, incl. IPv6
    Wireless networks
    Network monitoring and analysis
    Configuration assistance
This service is included in UNINETT’s annual service fee.
Organization of the service: 

The consulting service is part of the @campus project and is described in more detail here.

Contact info: