Data extraction from the joint study administration system – FS-connector

PS! This service has been transferred to the Government Agency for ICT Services in Research & Education

FS-connector is a type of software developed in the higher education sector, which makes it possible to extract data from the joint study administration system FS to BAS, where BAS is based on Novell IDM. FS-connector is open source software, developed and supported by the sector. A consortium of institutions in the sector supplies FS-connector. This ownership and control within the sector has the benefit of cost reduction, compared to the previous model of a commercial supplier supplying services to the individual institution.   
Target group: 

FS-connector can be used by all universities and university colleges whose Internet service provider is UNINETT, i.e. insititutions that are connected to the research and education network. 


The institutions must use Novell IDM.

Description of the service: 

FS-connector is based on the FS FSWS interface. The product comprises a structure for IDBANK in IDM, as well as a number of IDM modules for configuration and importation from FS to IDBANK.

The consortium behind FS-connector has an organized plan for further development and second-line support. Third-line support is handled by a commercial software supplier.  

Organization of the service: 

The internal supplier for the service is Lillehammer University College. The consortium behind the service has established a prioritization council with members from participating institutions.

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