Order and invoice management system - Basware

PS! This service has been transferred to the Government Agency for ICT Services in Research & Education

PS! This service is no loner provided på Uninett (NREN). The electronic order and invoice management system supplied by the Unit-directorate comprises an order module and an invoice module. Integration with the finance management system means there is an electronic flow from order to accounting. The invoice module allows customers to process invoices more efficiently than a manual process. When this module is used in combination with the order module, the customer can also easily check that the invoice received corresponds to the product or service actually ordered and received. 
Target group: 

This service is tailored to meet the needs of Norwegian universities and university colleges. In order to use the service, participation in the preliminary joint procurement process is required. In addition, participating institutions must have a signed contract with the supplier. .


In order to take part in a procurement process (see above), participating institutions must have Uninett as their Internet service provider (NREN). In order to get the most out of the system, we recommend that the customer use Feide usernames and passwords.

Description of the service: 

The service comprises the invoice module Basware.Invoice and the order module Basware PM. Integration with the Agresso finance management system means there is a continuous electronic flow from order to accounting. Approval is ensured already at the time of order, and once the invoice and order has been received, the order is automatically checked against the invoice. This makes it easy for the customer to check that the goods or services received correspond to what was ordered and that the price is the same. The invoice module will, of course, accept electronic invoices (many formats are supported, but the EHF format is preferable), but it is still possible to enter invoices received via regular mail or e-mail (pdf).

It is possible to subscribe to just one module.

This service requires that the organization has Internet access via Uninett.


This service is associated with several different types of costs. Contact the Unit directorate for specific prices or costs for your institution.

Order info: 

Contact the Unit directorate - www.unit.no/en

Organization of the service: 

This service is a collaboration between licensees, where the Unit direcorate plays the role of customer coordinator. A prioritization council comprising executives and experts from the institutions is used to make final decisions in matters affecting the customers’ prioritizations and service management. The council also consults with the prioritization councils for other interacting services. Executive committees are established as needed. The Unit directorate acts as secretary for these groups, and as the contract owner, The direcorate also serves as the point of escalation for customers in relation to the supplier.  

Basware AS is the primary operations supplier as well as the system supplier.

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