Procurements and framework agreements

PS! This service has been transferred to the Government Agency for ICT Services in Research & Education

PS! This service is no longer provided by Uninett. The Unit-directorate's service for procurements and framework agreements covers the entire ICT field. Collaboration on procurements and framework agreements simplify procurement processes for the customer, in addition to securing great deals and quality contract documents, reducing liability and facilitating for electronic trading. For customers subject to public procurement provisions, the directorate offers templates to simplify the process.  

The directorate will send out information and sign-up links prior to each agreement process.

Description of the service: 

The framework agreements give customers access to a portfolio of agreements that cover the majority of the institution’s ICT needs. We have 35 framework agreements covering 12 main areas. The procurement collaboration and these framework agreements offer numerous advantages, including:

•    Extremely favourable prices

•    Quality contract documents

•    Reduced liability associated with public procurement

•    Simple processes for call-off contracts under the agreements

•    Facilitation for electronic trading

The framework agreements are prepared by executive committees comprising representatives from the directorates's procurement division and experts from the university and university college sector, primarily from Norway’s major universities.

Price of the service will be available on direct inquiry .
Target group: 

The framework agreements are available to all customers and are tailored to the needs of ICT departments.   

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