Project management tool

The project management tool supplied by UNINETT makes it easier to oversee, control and manage project carried out in the organization. This tool is integrated with UNINETT’s finance management system, which eases project initiation, follow-up, conclusion and reporting. By implementing a project management tool from UNINETT, customers gain access to a project management network in the university and university college sector. This network contributes to further developing the service in line with the needs unique to this sector, particularly in terms of integration with other administrative systems.
Target group: 
The project management tool is available to every institution in the university and university college sector, but is especially useful for institutions with rules and procedures for project management already in place.  Typical end users of this service are project managers and administrative account handlers. 

A condition for use is that all customers must have UNINETT as their Internet service provider (customers must be connected to the research and education network).

Status description: 
The service currently being decommissioned
to Saturday, December 31, 2016 - 10:24
Description of the service: 

This service provides universities and university colleges with a tool for controlling project execution. The project management tool, Artemis 7, makes it possible to:

    create new projects
    follow up on projects
    conclude projects in accordance with the institution’s applicable rules and procedures
    take out reports at project and portfolio level by accounting, finance managers and line supervisors. 

Artemis 7 is closely integrated with the finance management system supplied by UNINETT


The costs associated with procuring the project management tool are dependent on the size of the university or university college implementing it. The service follows UNINETT’s pricing model for joint administrative systems. Contact the service coordinator for pricing information.

Cost elements:


Cost element
  Type of cost
Joint system project   Lump-sum cost (collected over four years)
Production and start-up costs   Lump-sum cost
Licensing   Lump-sum cost
Licensing maintenance
  Annual cost
Service fee
  Annual cost
Organization of the service: 

UNINETT plays the role of customer coordinator for this service.

The prioritization council comprises executives from some of the institutions using the service. This council is responsible for prioritizing the change requests submitted by the sector in accordance with budget constraints and available funds for system development. The council also consults with the prioritization councils for other interacting services. An executive committee comprises representatives from the sector. This executive committee is responsible for organizing an annual user forum for the university and university college sector, where the goal is exchanging experiences, developing competence and solving problems. The committee will assist UNINETT in the customers’ management of the solution.
Metier AS is the system provider.
The individual institution will enter into a call-off contract with UNINETT on the framework agreement between the system provider Metier AS and UNINETT. The framework agreement was signed in May 2008 and has a duration of five year.
Individual institutions will only related to UNINETT as a contract party, and not with Metier as the system provider. This also applies to licensing and invoicing related thereto. Metier is a private consulting and ICT firm, which provides services and solutions within project-based management to the public and private sectors.  
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