Project management tool (ends 2017)

Use of this project management tool will end spring 2017. A new project tool is acquired and is a part of UBW/Agresso.
Target group: 

Higher education customers.

Status description: 
The service currently being decommissioned
to Friday, June 30, 2017 - 10:24
Description of the service: 

This service provides universities and university colleges with a tool for controlling project execution. The project management tool, Artemis 7, makes it possible to:

•    create new projects

•    follow up on projects

•    conclude projects in accordance with the institution’s applicable rules and procedures

•    take out reports at project and portfolio level by accounting, finance managers and line supervisors. 

Artemis 7 is closely integrated with the finance management system supplied by UNINETT


The costs associated with procuring the project management tool are dependent on the size of the university or university college implementing it. The service follows UNINETT’s pricing model for joint administrative systems. Contact the service coordinator for pricing information.

Cost elements:


Cost element
  Type of cost
Joint system project   Lump-sum cost (collected over four years)
Production and start-up costs   Lump-sum cost
Licensing   Lump-sum cost
Licensing maintenance
  Annual cost
Service fee
  Annual cost
Organization of the service: 
Contact info: