Lecture recording, simple system – Techsmith Relay

This service has been transferred to the Government Agency for ICT Services in Research & Education

Techsmith Relay is a simple tool for recording lectures. A software recorder captures what is happening on the computer screen, including audio and video (i.e, from a webcam) of the lecturer. Apps for Android and iOS support content production on mobile devices. The finished recording is uploaded to a server, which converts the recording to a variety of formats.
Target group: 

This service is available to all staff at universities and university colleges whose Internet service provider is Uninett (NREN), i.e. institutions connected to the national research and education network. End users of the service will, in most cases, be students at these institutions, but recordings made using the system may be made publicly available.    


Users wanting access to this service must be employed by institutions whose Internet service provider is Uninett (NREN), i.e. institutions connected to the national research and education network. Furthermore, all users must use their Feide log-in credentials for access.

Description of the service: 

Techsmith Relay is an easy-to-use system for recording lectures/presentations and publishing these recordings online. 

The system requires installation of a software recorder on the computer and/or mobile unit belonging to the person making the recording, as well as a microphone used with the computer (and a webcam if one wants to include video). The client will record what is shown on the screen of the computer along with the audio from the microphone (and video, if applicable). The recording will be uploaded to a server once completed.

The server converts the recording to a set of formats suitable for all platforms/bandwidths. 

Once the conversion is completed, the user will receive an e-mail with links to the finished files. These links can, for example, be used in the institution’s learning management system (LMS).

End-user support is available form the directorate. Add-on services for Techsmith Relay are currently unavailable, contact us for more information.


The cost of the service is divided into two; operation and storage. Operating costs are shared equally between the participating institutions. Storage costs are billed each institution after use. Price per TB storage is NOK 12.000, -

Order info: 

To order Techsmith Relay, contact the directorate, and we will guide you through the process.

Organization of the service: 

PS! This service is no longer providad by Uninett.
"Simple system for lecture recording" is a nationwide service for the Norwegian higher education sector, established as part of eCampus program and continued as a single service supplied by the directorate. Its organizational design is a collaboration between the participating institutions, where the directorate is both customer coordinator and supplier by its own account. Institutions pay to cover the costs of operation, licensing and storage, as well the directorate's staff costs.
The service is based on software Relay developed by TechSmith and running on a self-hosted solution, therefore the directorate acts as both the service- and operations provider. Licenses are delivered by Comparex Norway AS. Contract was signed in June 2012 and is renewed annually.

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