Telephone conferencing

UNINETT telephone conferencing service offers a user-friendly interface for scheduling and carrying out telephone conferences. The person scheduling the meeting will state a starting time and duration for the telephone conference. This person then is assigned a conference room and given a PIN to ensure confidentiality. He or she will then forward this information to all meeting participants. You can invite as many people to the meeting as you want.  
Target group: 
UNINETT telephone conferencing is available to everyone whose Internet service provider is UNINETT, i.e. everyone who is connected to the research and education network.

The person setting up and inviting others to the telephone conference must log in using their Feide username and password. Other than that, anyone can be invited to participating in a scheduled conference.

Description of the service: 

Many options are available with UNINETT telephone conferencing:  

    Schedule fixed times for regular telephone conferences, for example at a fixed time every day, week or month. That way, you don’t have to schedule these regular meetings every time.
    Users may choose to require meeting participants to state their names when calling in. New callers will then be announced during the conference, either by announcing their names or by an audio signal.
    It is possible to assign a moderator for the meeting (who will be using a different PIN than the other meeting participants). A moderator can adjust the volume, mute participants, disconnect the last participant to call in, etc.
    It is possible to schedule a telephone conference directly from a user’s calendar. The system will update the calendar entry with information about conference rooms and PIN. Other invited meeting participants can also see this information in their calendars.  

Other features:

UNINETT telephone conferencing offers integration with calendars. This integration is based on the iCalendar 2.0-format, which is supported by many larger calendar and e-mail systems, including Microsoft Exchange/Outlook, Google Gmail/Calendar and Mozilla Thunderbird/Lightning.

To connect to a telephone conference, participants must:

    Call phone number: 21523999, or:

    Connect to


Telephone conferencing via UNINETT is included in UNINETT’s annual service fee.

Callers will of course be charged with the costs of the call made from their phone. This could be very expensive when calling from abroad. Instead, we recommend users in other countries use a SIP client on their computer/mobile device (which must be connected to the Internet). There are a number of available SIP clients on the market; see for more information.
Organization of the service: 

This service is part of UNINETT’s @campus activity. A dedicated strategy and prioritizing committee has been formed to recommend long-term strategies for UNINETT’s campus activities. This committee is chaired by UNINETT’s chief executive officer and comprises four ICT directors/deans from the higher education sector.

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