Tool for tender management - Amesto

PS! This service has been transferred to the Government Agency for ICT Services in Research & Education

The tender management tool helps customers complete simple, high-quality and secure procurement processes in accordance with applicable regulations. This tool works well with both large and small procurement processes, and helps identify any errors made in the procurement process. The service consists of a module for tender management and a contract module. Once the tender process is complete, contracts signed can be transferred directly to the system’s contract module, along with any contract appendices. 

Participating institutions must have Uninett as their Internet service provider ( connected to the research and education network).

Description of the service: 

The current system for tender management is Amesto Solutions, which is tailored to the needs of the higher education sector. This tool offers support for many different processes, including:

•    Preparing tendering instructions using templates

•    Notice of tender, TED, Doffin and dedicated websites

•    Submitting and receiving tenders

•    Evaluating and awarding contracts

•    Contract management

•    Follow-up

•    Audit tracking

It is also possible to log in using federated log-in by Uninett's Feide.


The Unit directorate will issue three invoices per year:

  • Unit-directorate's annual fee. This covers the hourly rates of direcorate  employees, travel and accommodation, etc, as well as scheduled system development. This invoice is issued in the beginning of every year. 
  • Operation/licensing for the current year. This invoice is issued later in the year and is intended to cover operating costs incurred by the Unit-direcorate, as invoiced by Amesto.
  • Operation/licensing for the current year by use of templates from the company Inventura AS.

Costs vary in accordance with the size of the institution–small, medium or large–regardless of how many users are in the system.

Please contact the Unit directorate - for more information about prices

Target group: 

This service is tailored to meet the needs of Norwegian universities and university colleges. In order to use the service, participation in the preliminary joint procurement process is required. In addition, participating institutions must have a signed contract with the supplier. The contract expires in 2018.21 institutions are using the system. 

Organization of the service: 

This service is a collaboration between licensees, where the Unit-directorate plays the role of customer coordinator. A group of executives and experts from the institutions makes, together with the directorate,  final decisions in matters affecting the customers’ prioritizations and service management. The service coordinator for the Unit-directorate acts as secretary for the group.

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