Network monitoring toolkit

Uninett’s monitoring toolkit is a server installed locally on campus. The tools are used to monitor the local campus network and related services. Central tools include network monitoring, traffic analysis, service monitoring, application analysis and a configuration archive. The server is operated by Uninett, and local ICT staff are provided with a web interface from which to access the tools.  

The monitoring toolkit must be installed in a secure and well-protected network segment. Uninett must be granted sufficient access, so that the server can be monitored/controlled from Uninett’s operations centre.

Description of the service: 

The monitoring toolkit currently includes the following tools:

•    Monitoring software – NAV (Network Administration Visualized)

•    Netflow portfolio (NfSen / nfdump)

•    Service monitoring with Hobbit/Xymon (or NAV)

•    Application analysis with Appflow

•    Configuration archive for network electronics (based on tftp)

•    Syslog server

•    Authentication service for electronic devices

•    Network quarantine solution

•    Access list/firewall management solution using Firewall Builder

NAV is the most important tool in the toolkit and has been described in more detail here.

Read more about the toolkit here.


For state universities and university colleges, this service is included in Uninett’s annual service fee.  For other customers, a start-up fee and an annual fee for operation and development apply.

Target group: 

The monitoring toolkit is available to everyone whose Internet service provider is Uninett, i.e. everyone connected to the research and education network. 

Organization of the service: 

This service is part of Uninett’s @campus activity. A dedicated strategy and prioritizing committee has been formed to recommend long-term strategies for Uninett’s campus activities. This committee is chaired by the chief executive officer and comprises four ICT directors/deans from the higher education sector.

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