Security certificate service

Uninett’s certificate service offers several different types of certificates for the protection of network services and traffic. This service provides personal certificates for secure authentication, server certificates for secure communication with network services and code-signing certificates for signing programming code.  

Customers must use Uninett as an Internet service provider (i.e.must be connected to the research and education network).

Description of the service: 

 •    Server certificates for secure communication with network services
Server certificates authenticate servers and protect communication (https) with the servers. Customers may order certificates for all domains at their disposal, for, .com and .org. The server certificates are valid for up to 3 years. It is possible to be issued certificates with multiple DNS-names, as well as “wildcard” certificates for services.

•    Code-signing certificates for signing programming code

EV certificates have the same areas of application as server certificates, except the issuer has a more comprehensive approval process. EV certificates cause the address fields in browsers to turn green, and are usually associated with systems handling financial data, such as online banking systems. 

•    Personal certificates for authentication of people
Personal certificates are currently being used to authenticate users for international HPC resources (GRID). This service requires a separate registration. Personal certificates may be ordered in a dedicated portal using your Feide username and password.


The service is billed based on the organization's size in terms of number of employees. Service fee applies for an unlimited number of certificates, both server certificates, code signing certificates and personal certificates.

  • Under 250 employees: 6 000,- pr år
  • 250 - 1 500 employees: 10 000,- pr år
  • 1 500 - 4 500 employees: 18 000,- pr år
  • over 4 500 employees: 26 000,- pr år
Target group: 

The certificate service is available to everyone whose Internet service provider is Uninett (everyone connected to the research and education network). Typical end users of the certificate service are system administrators for web servers, such as web servers and mail servers. Personal certificates are primarily intended for users of international HPC services, whereas code-signing certificates typically will be used by software developers publishing code.   

Organization of the service: 

This service is organized through TERENA’s TCS project (TERENA Certificate Service).
 The certificates are issued by Comodo, which is a Certification Authority (CA) in Great Britain.


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