UNINETT welcomes the NREN community to Trondheim in 2018

Olav Isak Sjøflot, Director of services and deployment at UNINETT, was passed the baton from Christian Panigl, ACOnet, at the closing of the TNC17 conference in Linz, Austria. He assured the audience that UNINETT will put it's resources into making the TNC18 a memorable event, utilizing both the historic sights, the rich cultural scene, and the cutting edge technology environments of Trondheim. The session ended with a promotion video

Trondheim - the Tech Capital of Norway

Trondheim is often called the Tech Capital of Norway. The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, with its 40 000 students and staff is based here, as well as sereval large research institutes, and a host of Hi-Tech companies. This makes for interesting visits and host events at the TNC18. Trondheim also has a rich history, dating back to 997, and was a cultural center in the middle ages, resulting in the largest gothic cathedral in Northern Europe. All this will provide a beautiful frame around the TNC18.

UNINETT - The Norwegian NREN

UNINETT was started as a project by the Norwegian universities in the 1970s, and became an independent entity in 1993. Which means that UNINETT celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2018. The company develops and operates the Norwegian national research and education network, interconnecting about 200 Norwegian educational and research institutions and more than 300 000 users, as well as giving them access to international research networks. Also, UNINETT delivers a broad variety of above the net services to the higher education community.