Video bridge

Video bridge simplifies the use of video in meetings by allowing employees to host video conferences regardless of conference system.
Description of the service: 

Video bridge provides a seamless translation between different video systems and offers a virtual meeting room for multi-party conferences: Skype for Business, SIP, H.323 and WebRTC, as well as participants over phone. Through an integration with Uninett real-time infrastructure and the use of Video bridge, all video endpoints have one address they can access.   

Video bridge offers three optional main features:    

  1. Virtual meeting rooms, unlimited number of rooms   
  2. Seamless translation between different video systems   
  3. End-user as clients in Video bridge    

To use this service affiliation with the research network is required.   


We offer subscription packages of  five concurrent video channels, with a minimum order of one package (five concurrent channels). The customer may choose the maximum number of allowed used channels in their subscription.   

The customer receives weekly reports on consumption. Invoice occurs annually, after consumption of concurrent channels.   

Establishment fee:   

There is an establishment fee per selected main function after the elapsed time. Please contact us for an estimation.   

Hourly rate in 2017 is NOK 1 050.   

Annual service fee:   

Monthly price per five concurrent channels: NOK 5 000.   

Please contact for information about ordering. 

Target group: 

To use Video bridge the institution’s internet provider must be Uninett.

Organization of the service: 

Uninett owns and manages the service and has the legal and mercantile responsibility. Uninett is also responsible for further development of Video bridge, in close collaboration with the institutions that use it.   


The service offers redundant server setup with servers in two different geographical locations. Uninett monitors the service 24/7.


The institution is responsible for local training and support. Uninett provides technical support to the institution's IT department. Contact Uninett at: or +47 73 55 79 00. Opening hours: 08:00 – 16:00.

Contact info: