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PS! This service has been transferred to the Government Agency for ICT Services in Research & Education

Based on Adobe Connect, the directorate provides a national service for web conferencing. The solution is perfect for online education, meetings, and is well suited for webinars. Web meetings allows multi-party conferences directly in your web browser through Flash and HTML 5, where you can share audio, video, images, documents, your own screen with applications, etc. 

To use Web meetings, the institution must be:  

Additionally, in order to establish and maintain good communication between the directorate and the institution, the institution is required to appoint a contact for Web meetings. This person will act as the local manager, and provide and/or arrange for technical support within the institution. The manager is the directorate's point of contact in all matters regarding the service. 

Description of the service: 

The service allows multi-party conferences conveniently from your computers desktop, either by use of web browser or a plugin. All students and staff can set up a meeting, serve as host for the meeting and participate in a meeting. Web meetings supports up to 500 concurrent users. We strive to ensure enough capacity for you to conduct meetings of desired size at the preferred time.  

This service is a part of the higher education’s collection of communication tools, and a collaboration across technical borders with Skype for Business, SIP, traditional video conference and free programs such as Skype.  

Statistics for real-time usage is available at connect.uninett.no.    

Please contact us for information regarding individual institutions.   

Breakout rooms 

One of the features that makes Adobe Connect a popular and useful for online education is the ability to divide the participants into smaller groups. Collaboration and teamwork is made easy, and the teacher can easily enter the different breakout sessions. It's even possible to retrieve all the shared information if desired.  

Adobe Connect's breakout room works just like an ordinary room in Adobe Connect. Participants can be pulled out in the regular room when the group session is over, and it's possible to re-use breakout. All content shared inside the room is preserved. For more information on how this feature is used, see this guide.   


Web meetings is well suited for webinars with multiple participants (<100). However, we strongly suggest you consider the number of user licenses available when planning a big webinar, preferably give us a heads-up minimum a week in advance. For larger webinars, there is a collective Nordic webinar service available - which does not affect the normal licenses - with a standard capacity of 500 participants.   

Please contact the Unit directorate for details about the Nordic webinar service.      

Access to Adobe Advantage Support via Nordic collaboration   

The Nordic countries: Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland, have established a Nordic media collaboration through NORDUnet. Within this collaboration, we share the same Adobe Connect Advantage Support contract with Adobe. The contract gives us a dedicated support contact whom answers questions and contribute to problem solving in cases where we need technical assistance. Access to Adobe Advantage Support is given through the directorate 


The cost of this service will be different from institution to institution. To calculate cost we use two variables: an annual fee of total cost of service (80 %) and a fee based on total number of students (20 %). Institutions pay to cover costs related to hardware, operations and licenses on Adobe Connect, as well as working hours from UNINETT and 2nd line support.   

Target group: 

All institutions connected to the Norwegian national research and education network (Uninett - Norway's NREN) are eligible to subscribe to this service. Once subscribed, Web meetings is available to all students and staff associated with the institution.

Organization of the service: 

The service connect.uninett.no is a national cooperative service for the Norwegian sector of higher education, established as part of the former eCampus program. It is a collaboration between participating institutions, where UNINETT is both coordinator and supplier. The institutions pay to cover the costs related to operations and licenses, as well as the Unit directorate's personnel costs.   

Web meetings is based on the Adobe Connect software selected in June 2012 following a public procurement process. The license provider is Premiere Global International (PGI). In June of 2012 we signed a contract for a period of 3 + 1 + 1 + 1 year. In 2014 the operation and maintenance of the agreement was transferred to NORDUnet, with automatic renewal each year for termination by one of the parties.   

The directorate is responsible for service delivery; NORDUnet is the operating supplier.


Service reliability depends on connection to a network, as well as infrastructure maintained by our service provider - NORDUnet. NORDUnet's servers are physically located in Sweden and monitored around the clock by their Network Operations Center (NOC).


The institution is responsible for training and support. When a establishing a client relationship, the institution is granted access to discounted online training at Swedish WeZupport, as well as technical support from the directorate.

Please contact the directorate  - www.unit.no/en

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