Who are eligible to become customers of UNINETT?

Internet access through UNINETT and the national research and education network, as well as all the other services we provide, are available to organizations whose main purpose is related to research, education and/or dissemination. All Norwegian universities and public university colleges are connected. In addition, UNINETT also have other customers, such as private upper secondary schools, municipalities, libraries and museums. 

Conditions for Internet access through UNINETT and the research and education network:

UNINETT has two main customer groups:

  • The first group includes institutions within higher education, connected to the research network through an agreement with the Ministry of Education and Research (currently approx. 200 institutions).
  • The second group includes research institutions and other organizations engaged in non-profit activities related to research and education. In addition, research projects in commercial enterprises may get access through UNINETT for a limited period for the purposes of a defined project involving an institution that is already a customer.

Our core customers, connected to the research and education network, are:

  • Institutions of higher education
  • Research organizations

Other types of institutions eligible for access to the research and education network:

  • Primary and secondary schools
  • Organizations engaged in activities directly related to research and education, such as libraries, museums and archives
  • Organizations providing non-profit services to research and education activities
  • Organizations and projects in need of research network functionality, which already collaborate with existing customers. This includes spin-off companies. These types of connections are reviewed annually.
  • Any organization with its own enterprise registration number must sign a separate customer agreement. One organization may thus have several research network connections. Several organizations are rarely permitted to share a connection.

Connections have a mutual termination period of three months.