Wireless guest network

Uninett's wireless service network is a public guest solution for the universities and university colleges in Norway. For visitors who do not have access to eduroam, the service provides easy wireless Internet access. The solution allows a large number of users. Visitors gain access via SMS and self-service. Helpdesk and reception can also assign users.

The service is available to all customers who use Uninett as an ISP; are connected to the Norwegian national research and education network.  

Description of the service: 

Guests connect to the guest network through a self-service portal. Here you enter your name, organization and mobile number (mobile number is the only required information), then the guest receives an SMS with login information. The visitor can use the internet access on max three units, and the visitors account is active for the next 12 hours.   

The institution determines when an inactive device is disconnected. Furthermore, the institution regulates if the visitor is required to log in once more for inactivity, this is depending on the equipment and configuration of the individual user.   

The service consists of the following:   

  1. A common deployment portal (captive portal)   
  2. Registration and creation of guest accounts   
  3. SMS gateway   
  4. Possibility for manual creation of user accounts (for example at major events)     

Institutions using wireless guest services must self-configure a desired SSID on their wireless network. The SSID then uses as the service portal for login. All technical details will be tested and exchanged if an institution enter into an agreement about the service.  


Uninett's fees for operating, support, development, licenses, and one-off expenses over three years are part of the cost of the service. The rate is partly dependent on the number of participating institutions. For a corresponding private solution, we estimate the costs to be around 1/3.   

The price of the service:   

  1.  Establishment fee: NOK 5 000   
  2.  Annual service fee, based on size of institution. Please contact Uninett for a price.   
  3.  This service will charge for the SMS with login information. Choose one of these solutions: a) Payed by the institution, NOK 0,89 per SMS, the cost is added to the institution’s invoice. b) Payed by the user, price per SMS is 2 NOK.    

To order, please contact us at contact@uninett.no.  

Target group: 

The service is available to all of Uninett’s customers.

Organization of the service: 

The advisory board for network services is used to ensure customer satisfaction.   


The institution is responsible for local training and support. Uninett provides technical support to the institution’s IT department. Contact Uninett for technical support: contact@uninett.no or +47 73 55 79 00. Opening hours: 08:00 - 16:00. Service errors can be reported outside of opening hours to +47 911 27087.

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