Zoom Meeting

Easier video meetings and chatting on all devices. 

What is Zoom Meeting?

Zoom Meeting is a tool for video meetings and chatting. With Zoom Meeting you can share a screen image, participate by phone and communicate in writing. There are dedicated clients for the most common operating systems and smart phones. Moreover, it is possible to participate in meetings via browsers and from from different video systems. Many integration options are available vis-á-vis various other tools, along with API and SDK for development vis-á-vis one’s own tools and solutions. 

This solution is one of three Zoom solutions provided by Uninett AS: Zoom Meeting, Zoom Education, and Zoom Total. Zoom Total combines Zoom Meeting and Zoom Education. 

Zoom can be used for:

  • Direct communication and file sharing  between two or more people
  • Screen sharing
  • Info monitors

Zoom is suitable for:

  • Large and small video-based meetings with in-house and outside participants
  • Remote assistance

Zoom supports:

  • Client for Windows, macOS and Linux
  • Client in browser
  • Mobile client for Android, iOS
  • Calendar integration with Outlook
  • SIP and H323
  • Global phone numbers for participating by phone at local rates
  • A large number of application integrations. For more, see Zoom’s websites.

Uninett offers a starting point for institution-specific ROS analysis and data processor agreements.

Who is Zoom Meeting for?

Zoom Meeting is suitable for staff at universities, colleges and research institutes.

Service organization

By collaborating with the Nordic Zoom community and suppliers, Uninett will take active responsibility for building and maintaining a thriving service and environment in the college and university educational sector.

Uninett is committed to working closely with its customers in order to come up with good, practical and technical solutions with Zoom as its basic platform. Its customers will reap the benefits in the form of direct guidance and assistance, courses, documentation, and for purchasing opportunities through negotiated joint procurement. 


The service is billed through an annual service fee. The exact price is calculated on the basis of the number of employees measured in terms of full-time equivalence (FTE).

Initial billing will take into account the time of year when the customer entered into an agreement to use the service.

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Zoom Meeting is suitable for staff at universities, colleges and research institutes.

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The company itself is responsible for all local training and user support (1st-line support).

Uninett provides technical support for the company’s IT department (2nd-line support).

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