NORDUnet Technical Workshop 2013

NORDUnet hosts the NORDUnet Technical Workshop 2013 on 17 & 18 September in Copenhagen.

For more than 25 years the NORDUnet Conference has been the meeting place for Nordic and international networkers, and and a premier event on the calendar of the global research and education networking calendar.  The NORDUnet Conference is currently held every other year.  The next conference will be in September 2014.

In order to further stimulate Nordic community building, discussion, and sharing of technical achievements, NORDUnet has decided to introduce the NORDUnet Technical Workshop (NTW). The NTW will be held in years with no NORDUnet Conference, and will be focused on technical topics and collaboration among NREN and campus networker staff. The NTW will be smaller than the conference and more interactive.

Two-day event

NTW2013 will be a two-day event. The first day will be reserved for meetings and workshops for Nordic R&E networking projects, communities and collaborations. The second day will be a full-day joint workshop with opening and closing high-level presentations, leaving the remaining part of the day for sessions of lightning talks on technical topics.  Both days will offer ample opportunities for social networking and community building. There will be joint breaks and lunches both days, and a joint dinner for all participants at the end of day one.

Lightning Talks

The NORDUnet Technical Workshop 2013 features two sessions of lightning talks. Lightning talks are 5-7 minute presentations focusing on one key point. This can be an idea, successful project, a cautionary tale, collaboration invitation or quick tip. NORDUnet invites you to propose a lightning talk. Email including your brief bio, proposed title and short description of your talk to be considered. The deadline for submission is 1 September 2013, but do submit early. The selection panel will get back to you and work with you to ensure your topic is appropriate and you get the most out of NTW2013.

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