Prices – finance management and administrative systems via UNINETT

UNINETT’s payment model for finance management and administrative systems distinguishes between fixed and variable costs per service implemented by the institution. In addition, UNINETT wants to call attention to and cover the costs of so-called joint services. These costs are determined as a percentage of the project/service cost.


UNINETT’s payment model for administrative systems thus comprises four main components:

•    A fixed price for a given project or service, e.g. Agresso
•    A variable price for the use of a given service, e.g. Agresso, based on volume, scope and the number of students at the institution
•    A percentage of the cost of the service, e.g. Agresso. This percentage covers the cost of so-called joint services provided by UNINETT

The more projects and services an institution participates in/pays for, the higher the share paid for joint services becomes. 
For more specific information about prices for the various finance management/administrative systems, go to “Services” and select the desired system/service.

An example of prices and payment:
A university that has the service Agresso provided by UNINETT will pay:
o   a) a fixed cost for Agresso (fixed service cost)
o   b) a variable cost for the use of Agresso, based on the number of students at the institution (variable service cost)
o   c) a share of the joint services provided by UNINETT. This share is a percentage of the Agresso cost (percentage of service cost)