The history of UNINETT

UNINETT was founded as a limited company in 1993, but its history goes back to 1976, when the four universities in Oslo, Trondheim, Bergen and Tromsø, together with several other research institutions, started UNINETT as a project. Later UNINETT was organized as a research project at SINTEF (The Foundation for Scientific and Technical Research), until UNINETT became the operations organization for the Norwegian research and education network in 1987. At the same time UNINETT was delegated the responsibility for the Norwegian top level domain .no.

Limited company in 1993

UNINETT AS was founded in 1993 wit the MInistry of Education and Research as owner. At the same time all conrtacts with commercial customers were cancelled, and UNINETT became a strictly non-commercial research and education network.

UNINETT FAS AS established in 1999

In 1999, parts of UNINETTs operations were transferred to a new subsidiary, UNINETT FAS AS. This was done partly to concentrate the parent company around the core business, and partly to separate finances and risks for the different parts of the business. The main task of UNINETT FASAS  was to develop effective solutions for the operation of administrative systems in higher education.

UNINETT Norid AS and UNINETT ABC AS established in 2002-2003

In the years 2002 and 2003, two more subsidiaries were formed, UNINETT Norid AS and UNINETT ABC AS. Yet again the goal was to maintain focus, as well as separating finances and resources for the different tasks in UNINETT. The aim of UNINETT ABC was to use UNINETT's experience and know-how from the HE sector to help developing ICT networks in primary and secondary education in Norway.

UNINETT Norid AS was transformed from a project in UNINETT FAS AS into a subsidiary in the UNINETT Group. The task  was to continue to run the .no registry.

UNINETT Sigma AS established in 2004

The latest subsidiary in the UNINETT group is UNINETT Sigma AS, which co-ordinates Norways high performance computing and large data storage facilities.

UNINETT ABC AS leaves the UNINETT group

From 2010 UNINETT ABC became part of the newly formed Centre for ICT in Education, established to unify all the various state owned institutions and agencies working within the primary and secondary education sector.


As a result of UNINETT's new strategy for the HE sector, UNINETT FAS AS was transformed from a subsidiary to a department in UNINETT AS from 2012. This was done to concentrate the resources used on tasks for the HE sector.